For graphical and desktop publishing, we offer a “ready-made” service ranging from:
-   complete preparation of the layout
-   phototypesetting in oriental languages,  page proof of texts and tables with the inclusion of images for whole volumes, dictionaries,
    manuals, tourist guides, geographical maps, posters, etc.
-   photolithography for advertising material, multimedia, etc
-   printing plates and supply of digital files, etc
-   website design in oriental languages and assistance in updating them, etc
-   Written translations from Italian to oriental languages and vice versa, both of technical-scientific material (patents, scientific publications,
    reports, manuals, etc) and of commercial-legal-financial material, etc (also via email and/or fax), translations for films, videos, etc and  
    dubbing for them.
-   Interpreting service, both consecutive and simultaneous, and technical as well as of a business nature, commercial language support
    abroad, assistance at trade shows.
Some of our major clients (both past and present) include:
Numerous Tourism Agencies, Local and Regional Bodies, major industries, several large hotels and restaurants, Publishers, advertising agencies, and Fashion houses.
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